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Our Principals
Dr. Patricia Donnelly and Dr. Vadim Mejerson have
trained both organizations and people to team,
manage and succeed in the most challenging
situations and environments. As seasoned
professionals, whose experience is deep and
broad, they customize each program to fit
unique requirements.





   Patricia Donnelly, PH.D.
   Mental Conditioning

Dr. Patricia Donnelly is a mental-training expert whose work has been touted both in the United States and abroad. She has presented major papers at many academic conferences, including the World Scientific Congress of Golf at St. Andrews, Scotland and the Annual Conference of the ACSM.
Dr. Donnelly is listed among Golf Digest’s prestigious compilation of mental experts. She has conducted seminal research on the transfer of achievement skills between sport and business/academia, demonstrating that what one learns on the playing field are indeed life lessons.

Dr. Donnelly customizes her mental-training programs through such techniques as goal-setting, visualization, self-talk, thought stoppage, self-monitoring, coping and mastery skills, and achievement motivation.

Dr. Donnelly holds a Ph.D. in Sport, Leisure and Exercise Science from the University of Connecticut, an M.A. in Corporate and Political Communications and a Sixth Year Degree in Community Counseling from Fairfield University. She is a member of Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society and is also a certified yoga instructor.

   Vadim Mejerson, PH.D.
   Physical Conditioning

With more than 30 years of experience in human performance, physical fitness and wellness, Dr. Mejerson has developed wellness and mind-body performance programs in the United States, Israel, Canada and South America.

Dr. Mejerson operates Physical Intelligence, Inc. a lifestyle management center in Weston, CT. He has served as an exercise physiologist and wellness consultant for Exxon Corporation’s Physical Fitness Laboratory, the Cardio Fitness Centers and Cornell University’s Medical School in Manhattan, New York.

Previously, Dr. Mejerson served as Commanding Officer of the Israeli Defense Forces Combat Fitness Unit (Paratroopers Division) and subsequently as Director of the Physical Fitness Division of the Israeli Diplomatic and Commercial missions in North and Central America, including El Al Airlines and the Diplomatic Service Security Forces.

Dr. Mejerson holds a Ph.D. degree in Health Science and Exercise Physiology. He is a certified Track and Field coach, Volleyball coach, Physical Conditioning coach and is an expert in martial arts and firearms.