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Physical Intelligence Park (PIP)


Our goal and our premise are founded on the ideal that every individual can, and should, enjoy the health benefits of a more active lifestyle. It is well established that fitness activities and good nutrition are the keys to good health and, thus, a more enjoyable and productive life.


An aging population, skyrocketing levels of child and adult obesity, sedentary life styles and the enormous cost to the public healthcare system, are threatening the existence of American society. Drastic measures are necessary, and taking responsibility for our own wellness is vital to our existence.  Active Prevention  !!!

Indoor fitness facilities are generally expensive and are often limited to the small portion of the population that pay monthly fees and tolerate sometimes crowded gyms. There is dramatic need for improved outdoor fitness parks at locations in communities that would provide people the opportunity to participate and improve their physical ability. Outdoor fitness facilities that are free and easily accessible to the user have been proven to draw the interest of many people who would ordinarily not join a gym.

The concept of the Physical Intelligence Park is based on a successful international model which is beginning to take effect in countries around the world as well as in the United States.  Physical Intelligence Parks consist of outdoor fitness stations that are specifically designed to provide overall functional fitness benefits, while improving strength, coordination, and flexibility. 
Outdoor fitness stations bring the benefits of indoor training to the public.  The fitness area is compact, making it perfect for small public areas, parks, universities, common areas of a company, or in the heart of your busy city.

We meet the challenge of providing excellent outdoor equipment. The SPORT WORLD (made in Israel) products are extremely durable, absolutely safe and made to last in inclement weather. The equipment endures vigorous usage without wear and tear, is virtually free of maintenance and very affordable.

SPORT WORLD outdoor fitness stations are brilliantly designed, following the highly demanding Israeli safety standards. The equipment is eco- friendly and aesthetically attractive. It is founded on the principles of latest biomechanical research, using our own body weight as resistance, and is age, gender and ability based. Furthermore it is handicapped accessible and suitable for those in physical therapy or other forms of rehabilitation.