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Performance Intelligence
Provides mental and physical conditioning skills and strategies necessary to optimize individual and team performance.
    The approach:  
  Holistic: We integrate the mental and physical disciplines.  
  Individualized: We create programs that meet your personal requirements.  
  Attentive: Our principals, Dr. Vadim Mejerson, and Dr. Patricia Donnelly personally design and conduct each program.  
  Sensible: We approach your challenges pragmatically.  
  Achievable: We provide skills, opportunities for practice and personal reinforcement.  
The results:
By fine-tuning performance and team process skills at a professional team level, managing your exposure to stress and improving your physical and mental health at an individual level, you can positively affect:
- Concentration
- Confidence
- State of mind
- Listening capacity
- Problem-solving skills
- Creative and organizational skills
- Team cohesiveness and  performance